Life Groups are the new name for “Small Groups”, since the nature and function of the group isn’t determined by its size, but rather the “life” of Christ lived out in the participants of the group. The care and sense of community that takes place in each group breathes life into each person that is a part of this vibrant ministry.

Why Life Groups?

Find a group of people to live life with in faith and fellowship

People in life groups know that they don’t face life’s joys and struggles alone. They are developing friendships that are encouraging, uplifting and reinforcing. I am constantly hearing how much people enjoy being together and can’t wait for the next meeting.

You can experience this same sense of joy and enthusiasm as you seek to develop your relationship with Christ if you will plug into a life group. There are several existing life groups that you could join, some that are still in the process of forming, and we are always looking to develop new groups in the future.

Please call me or use the Contact page and let me know how our church can serve you.  You’ll be glad you did.

Jeff Naegelen, Pastor